November 6, 2012


"Getting Reproductive Rights out of Politics," Nancy Northup, Huffington Post  blogs: "The idea that [reproductive rights] could ever be extricated from the heated political debates currently on display strikes most people as improbable, if not downright unrealistic," writes Northup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights. In several cases, "courts have stepped in to ensure that shifting political winds don't sweep women away with them, holding fast to the principle that fundamental rights are not subject to a vote or determined by whichever party happens to be in office," she continues. For instance, a judge in North Dakota blocked a law aimed at banning medication abortion, and the Oklahoma Supreme Court voted to strike a "personhood" initiative from the state ballot. "We would be wise to follow the example of our independent judiciary and adopt a similar stance toward reproductive rights -- and to call on our political leaders on both sides of the aisle to do the same," Northup concludes (Northup, Huffington Post blogs, 11/5).

What others are saying about reproductive rights and politics:

~ "Women and the Vote in 2012," Nancy Kaufman, Huffington Post blogs.