Ariz. Antiabortion Group Opposes Sales Tax Ballot Initiative

October 16, 2012 — The Center for Arizona Policy, a conservative Christian group that opposes abortion rights, is fighting a state ballot measure (Proposition 204) related to sales tax because of concerns that it could fund family planning or Planned Parenthood, the Phoenix Business Journal reports.

Proposition 204 would maintain the state's current sales tax rate and earmark an estimated $1 billion of the revenue for education, road construction and social services. The Center for Arizona Policy opposes the measure because $100 million would be designated annually for supporting family needs.

Supporters of the measure said the Center for Arizona Policy's concerns are misguided because the money is not for women's health programs. Robbie Sherwood, a spokesperson for the Yes on 204 campaign, said the money will be used to support children in families living at or below the poverty line through child care and efforts to combat domestic violence, hunger and homelessness.

Center for Arizona Policy President Cathi Herrod expressed concern that future governors could amend the law so that the money would go toward women's health efforts. Other groups that oppose abortion rights also have criticized the ballot measure (Sunnucks, Phoenix Business Journal, 10/12).