Va. AG Cuccinelli Certifies Stricter Abortion Clinic Rules

September 27, 2012 — Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) on Wednesday certified abortion clinic regulations that the state Board of Health approved earlier this month at his urging, the AP/Washington Times reports.

The board had previously adopted a version of the rules that exempted existing facilities from the requirements, which mandate that abortion clinics meet the same building standards as new hospitals (AP/Washington Times, 9/26).

Cuccinelli refused to certify that version and warned board members that they would have to pay their own legal fees if a lawsuit arose from their decision. The board approved the stricter regulations at its Sept. 14 board meeting.

On Wednesday, Cuccinelli said in a letter to the board that the requirements are constitutional and pose no conflicts to state and federal laws.

If Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) approved the regulations, they will go back to the board once more after a 60-day public comment period. The process could stretch into next year, according to the Washington Post's "Virginia Politics" (Haines, "Virginia Politics," Washington Post, 9/26).