September 18, 2012


"Sad Day For Science and Women's Health," Talcott Camp, American Civil Liberty Union's "Blog of Rights": "Virginia Attorney General Kenneth Cuccinelli [R] strong-armed the [state] Board of Health into reversing previous decisions based on medical evidence and patient safety in favor of unprecedented regulations on doctors and facilities that provide abortion care," Camp writes of the board's recent decision to end an exemption for existing facilities from new regulations for abortion clinics. The board's "move will endanger women by shutting down good, safe providers of abortion care," Camp continues. By requiring the board to reconsider its initial decision, Cuccinelli "twisted the law in order to twist the arms of doctors on the Board of Health -- the very doctors Virginians entrust to rely on medical expertise to ensure their health and safety," she adds (Camp, "Blog of Rights," ACLU, 9/14).

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"Where do Women Turn When Planned Parenthood is Gone?" Jessica Pieklo, Care2: Efforts to cut public funding to Planned Parenthood have resulted in "an increasingly segregated and discriminatory method of delivering health care to women," Pieklo writes. She notes that when local officials ended a nearly $400,000 grant to Planned Parenthood in Shelby County, Tenn., "[t]he demand for health care didn't go down, it just became less accessible." Meanwhile, in Texas, finding a clinic that provides health services for low-income women through the state's Women's Health Program has become "practically impossible" because Texas excluded Planned Parenthood from the program (Pieklo, Care2, 9/15).

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