September 14, 2012


"In Texas, the Numbers Reveal Just How Dire Things Will Be for Medicaid Patients Without Planned Parenthood," Andrea Grimes, RH Reality Check: Grimes discusses her recent video report that examined claims by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) and others that "there are plenty of health providers in Texas who can see Women's Health Program patients should Planned Parenthood be excluded from participating in the program." She found that even though the state's website lists 181 providers in the Austin area that supposedly accept WHP patients, many were duplicate entries or didn't offer women's health services at all; in total, just 13 said they would accept a WHP patient when Grimes called. She notes that providers in the Austin area would have to take on 60 more patients to account for the 1,748 patients that the area's Planned Parenthood clinic saw last year (Grimes, RH Reality Check, 9/11).

What others are saying about Planned Parenthood:

~ "During Battle With Planned Parenthood, Even Karl Rove Advised Komen To Rethink Decision To Defund," Adam Peck, ThinkProgress.