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August 17, 2012


"Virginia Forced Ultrasound Law Interferes With Health Services, Clinic Director Says," Reilly Moore, RH Reality Check: A Virginia law (HB 462) "forcing women to receive an ultrasound at least a day before having an abortion has already caused a Northern Virginia health clinic to reduce its non-abortion services in the month since it took effect," Moore writes. The Falls Church Healthcare Center has been forced to "add appointment times, hire additional staff and reduce its non-abortion gynecological services" to accommodate the two visits now required by abortion patients to comply with the ultrasound law, he explains. Previously, the clinic performed ultrasounds on abortion patients only when medically appropriate, and it could be done on the same day as the abortion procedure (Moore, RH Reality Check, 8/16).


"Attacks on Planned Parenthood in Texas Forced at Least 50 Unaffiliated Health Clinics To Close," Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress: "Planned Parenthood has become a buzzword for anti-choice Republicans who seek to equate Planned Parenthood clinics with death and destruction," Culp-Ressler writes in response to a Texas Observer report that 60 family planning clinics in Texas have closed since the state slashed family planning funding last year. Supporters of the cuts cited their desire to cut off money to Planned Parenthood, but Culp-Ressler notes that most of the closed clinics were not affiliated with the organization. "[T]he real destruction is wreaked when overarching, politically-motivated attacks on women's health providers leave low-income women with no affordable contraceptive options, no available STI tests, no regular cancer screenings and no control over their reproductive health," she writes (Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress, 8/16).