Hope Clinic v. Adams

Challenge to a 1995 Illinois law that requires a doctor to notify a parent, grandparent, or other custodial adult at least 48 hours prior to a minor's abortion. Though the law was initially enacted in 1995, the Courts did not develop a judicial bypass process until 2006. The law was set to go into effect in November 2009 but has been enjoined pending resolution of the case. In June 2011, a state appeals court refused to grant the state’s motion to dismiss and said that the lawsuit should be allowed to proceed. In September 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court heard oral arguments on appeal on the issue of whether the case should be allowed to proceed. Final Outcome: In July 2013, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the Parental Notice of Abortion Act. (See the law here. See the appellate court opinion here. See the Illinois Supreme Court opinion here.)