Protesters Arrested at Va. Rally Accept Deal With State Prosecutor

June 21, 2012 — Thirty protesters who were arrested during a March demonstration at the Virginia Capitol have accepted deals that will remove the charges from their records if they meet certain conditions, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.

The protesters were among several hundred demonstrators who rallied to protest antiabortion-rights legislation in the state. They were charged with single counts of misdemeanor trespassing and unlawful assembly, although the latter charge was dropped last month.

Under the deal, the defendants must sign an agreement stating that the police were acting lawfully when they placed them under arrest. The protesters were arrested after they refused to leave the steps of the Capitol.

They also are required to pay court costs of about $77, perform 25 hours of community service and remain on good behavior until Sept. 21, when they were ordered by Judge David Cheek to return to court so he can dismiss the charges (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6/19).