La. House Resolution Calls for End to Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood

April 18, 2012 — The Louisiana House on Monday voted 61-25 to approve a resolution (HCR 11) urging Congress to end federal funding to Planned Parenthood, the Houma Courier reports. The measure now advances to the Senate, where a similar resolution was rejected last year.

The resolution's sponsor, Rep. Frank Hoffmann (R), said he wants to halt funding to Planned Parenthood until it stops providing abortion care. Taxpayer money is not used for the procedure, and Planned Parenthood clinics in Louisiana do not provide abortion care.

Opponents of the bill said ending federal funding for Planned Parenthood would jeopardize care for millions of women who rely on the organization for breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing and preventive care (Houma Courier, 4/16).