Wis. Medical Group Urges Gov. Walker To Veto Antiabortion Bill

March 22, 2012 — The Wisconsin Medical Society on Tuesday sent a letter to Gov. Scott Walker (R) urging him to veto a bill (SB 306) that would add more requirements for doctors in screening women before abortion care, the AP/Oshkosh Northwestern reports.

The letter argues that the bill would violate the physician-patient relationship. The medical society also expresses concern that the bill would impose felony charges on physicians who fail to follow its provisions.

The bill specifies what abortion providers can say to patients, according to the AP/Northwestern. Supporters say it would ensure that women have not been coerced to have an abortion and that doctors are not using telemedicine to provide abortion consultations with women remotely. Opponents say supporters' true intent is to infringe on access to abortion, and they have noted that telemedicine is not used in the state for abortion care.

Walker's spokesperson, Cullen Werwie, said the governor is still reviewing the bill, as well as a sex education bill (AB 337) that would emphasize abstinence.

If Walker does not sign or veto the bills by April 12, they will automatically become law (Rodriguez, AP/Oshkosh Northwestern, 3/20).