Utah Gov. Urged To Veto Abstinence-Only Sex Education Bill

March 13, 2012 — Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) has received hundreds of emails urging him to veto a bill (HB 363) that would require public schools that offer sex education classes to focus solely on abstinence, the AP/Cache Valley Daily reports (Loftin, AP/Cache Valley Daily, 3/10).

The bill, which the state Senate approved last week, would ban teachers from discussing contraceptives, sexual intercourse, homosexuality and sexual activity outside of marriage. More than 7,000 people have signed an online petition urging Herbert to veto the bill (Daley, KSL TV, 3/8).

The Utah PTA is encouraging members to contact the governor to express opposition to the bill, PTA President-elect Liz Zentner said (AP/Cache Valley Daily, 3/10). The bill is supported by conservative groups, including the Utah Eagle Forum (KSL TV, 3/8).