Federal Judge Allows Two Crisis Pregnancy Centers To Enter Case Against S.D. Abortion Law

January 11, 2012 — U.S. District Chief Judge Karen Schreier has allowed two crisis pregnancy centers to intervene in a court case involving a South Dakota law that requires women seeking an abortion to wait 72 hours before the procedure, the Aberdeen News reports.

Schreier in July 2011 granted a preliminary injunction against the law, which also would require women to obtain counseling at CPCs. Schreier's ruling prevents the law from taking effect until the lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota is settled in court.

In July, Schreier said that requiring women to obtain counseling at antiabortion-rights CPCs would create an undue burden. She said Planned Parenthood demonstrated that the law's provisions are "likely" unconstitutional and that there is a public interest in protecting a woman's right to abortion and to free speech (Women's Health Policy Report, 1/5).

Now, Schreier has ruled that Alpha Center in Sioux Falls and the Black Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center have an interest in helping defend the law. According to Schreier's ruling, the two centers each would lose the referrals of 700 new clients annually if Planned Parenthood wins the case (Aberdeen News, 1/10).