S.D. House Panel Kills Measure To Ban False Advertising by Crisis Pregnancy Centers

February 6, 2012 — A South Dakota House committee on Thursday unanimously rejected a bill that would have prohibited false advertising by crisis pregnancy centers, the AP/NECN reports.

The committee initially passed an amendment that would have applied the requirement to abortion clinics, rather than CPCs, but the panel ultimately killed the measure. Committee members argued that the state already has laws to prohibit false advertising and said there is no need for a specific measure that applies to either abortion clinics or CPCs.

State Rep. Peggy Gibson (D) said some CPCs advertise that they provide abortion-related information, but they really only provide information on carrying to term and adoptions. Gibson said the bill would not have affected CPCs' operation or services.

Alisha Sedor of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota said CPCs "should not be allowed to advertise services they do not provide" (AP/NECN, 2/2).