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Editorial: Mo. GOP 'Insult Women' With 72-Hour Abortion Delay

Editorial: Mo. GOP 'Insult Women' With 72-Hour Abortion Delay

May 14, 2014 — Of the 27 antiabortion-rights bills that Missouri Republicans filed this session, an attempt to require a 72-hour mandatory delay before abortions is "the most burdensome," a Kansas City Star editorial states.

The bill (HB 1307/1313) is "made worse by Republicans' refusal to make exceptions for victims of rape and incest," the editorial adds.

The editorial references a comment from the bill's sponsor, state Sen. David Sater (R), who said, "I want the patients to have plenty of time to be able to have an understanding of what they are going to have done in the elective surgery."

The editorial responds, "Rest assured, Mr. Sater, women who arrive at an abortion clinic are fully aware of what is going to be done 'in the elective surgery.'" Women "don't need an extra 72 hours to prolong the anxiety" they might be feeling, the editorial adds (Kansas City Star, 5/12).