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Mich. Lawmakers Propose Bill To Reverse Antiabortion-Rights Insurance Law

Mich. Lawmakers Propose Bill To Reverse Antiabortion-Rights Insurance Law

June 23, 2015 — Michigan lawmakers have proposed legislation (SB 63) to repeal a state law (2013 PA 182) that requires women to purchase additional health insurance if they want coverage for abortions, WLNS reports.

State Sen. Curtis Hertel (D) introduced the bill in the state Senate, while state Rep. Sarah Roberts (D) introduced the state House version (WLNS, 6/19).


Michigan passed a law in 2013 requiring women who want coverage for abortion care to purchase a separate rider to cover such costs. The rider must be purchased before a woman becomes pregnant. Companies that self-insure -- which provide coverage for about three million state residents -- are not subject to the law (Women's Health Policy Report, 9/25/14).

According to Roberts, only eight of Michigan's 42 health insurers offer the rider (WLNS, 6/19). State Rep. Jeff Irwin (D) has said the rider is available only through employer-based health plans and that it is not available through the individual market.

In 2014, state lawmakers who support abortion rights introduced a bill (HB 5697) aimed at repealing the law, as well as another measure that would have required all insurers in the state to offer riders for women who want abortion coverage (Women's Health Policy Report, 9/25/14).