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Video Round Up: Antiabortion-Rights Laws Closing Ohio Clinics, Anti-Choice Tactics Spread Overseas, More

Video Round Up: Antiabortion-Rights Laws Closing Ohio Clinics, Anti-Choice Tactics Spread Overseas, More

May 8, 2015 — In today's clips, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio's Kellie Copeland talks about the negative effects of antiabortion-rights laws, which have shuttered about 50% of abortion clinics in the state. Elsewhere, The Guardian's Jessica Valenti discusses how U.S. antiabortion-rights tactics are being adopted by abortion-rights opponents overseas.


HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski and NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio's Kellie Copeland discuss a recent analysis finding that abortion restrictions in Ohio have contributed to nearly 50% of the state's clinics closing since 2011.

Copeland says, "[T]here's no doubt that these restrictions are unfairly penalizing particularly poor women and women who don't have access to transportation, who can't go to Michigan or the next town over to get an abortion when they need one" (Minkovski, HuffPost Live, 5/4).


The Guardian's Jessica Valenti delves into how the "well-funded and extremely politically powerful" antiabortion-rights movement in the U.S. "has been exporting their tactics and draconian policies abroad." For example, she notes that as in the U.S., the United Kingdom has seen a growing number of crisis pregnancy centers, which mislead women about abortion, and experienced "clinic protests so bad that some women's organizations have started to call for buffer zones."

Valenti says, "The anti-choice movement across the globe is looking to the U.S. for cues and that couldn't be worse news for women abroad because even though abortion is legal in name in the United States, the procedure has become so difficult to obtain that it's effectively illegal to too many" (Valenti, The Guardian, 5/6).


In a clip posted by NARAL Pro-Choice America, comedian Amy Schumer in her Comedy Central show satirizes opponents of women's access to contraception with a parody of an advertisement for birth control pills. A voiceover states, "Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you, then ask your boss," a Boy Scout and a letter carrier, among others (Schumer, "Inside Amy Schumer," NARAL Pro-Choice America/Comedy Central, 5/4).