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Video Round Up: Conservative State Lawmakers Plan Anti-Choice Bills for 2015

Video Round Up: Conservative State Lawmakers Plan Anti-Choice Bills for 2015

December 18, 2014 — In today's clips, HuffPost Live recaps a slew of recent antiabortion-rights bills pre-filed by South Carolina lawmakers who faced resistance to such measures last session. Meanwhile, a "Melissa Harris-Perry" panel discusses the complex legal and cultural framework that shapes the handling of sexual assault cases at colleges and elsewhere.


HuffPost Live's Alyona Minkovski and the Huffington Post's Chris Gentilviso talk about the prospects for numerous antiabortion-rights measures pre-filed by South Carolina lawmakers, including proposed 20-week abortion bans (S 28, S 130) and a "personhood" measure (S 129). Minkovski notes that, according to Planned Parenthood, more than 2,000 South Carolina residents made calls to state legislators urging them not to pass abortion restrictions last year, and that efforts to pass several such bills were stalled (Minkovski, HuffPost Live, 12/9).


As part of a roundtable on MSNBC's "Melissa Harris-Perry," Feministing's Alexandra Brodsky speaks with the host about the legal and cultural framework that college sexual assault survivors contend with when they come forward. Brodsky, a Yale Law School student and founder of Know Your IX, is joined by Byron Hurt, an anti-sexism activist and filmmaker, and Salamishah Tillet, an author and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, for additional discussion on the language surrounding sexual assault prevention and adjudication (Harris-Perry, "Melissa Harris-Perry," MSNBC, 12/14).