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Blogs Comment on First Birth Center 'Inside an Abortion Clinic,' EC Access, Sharing 'Nuanced' Abortion Stories, More

Blogs Comment on First Birth Center 'Inside an Abortion Clinic,' EC Access, Sharing 'Nuanced' Abortion Stories, More

September 26, 2014 — Read the week's best commentaries from bloggers at RH Reality Check, Salon and more.

ABORTION PROVIDERS: "Buffalo Clinic First in the Nation To Offer Both Abortion and Birthing Services," Eleanor Bader, RH Reality Check: This spring, "Buffalo Womenservices, a 31-year-old reproductive health facility in" Buffalo, N.Y., "opened the nation's first birth center to be located inside an abortion clinic," Bader writes. She notes that although the center has "rais[ed] eyebrows among some members of the Buffalo community who have bristled at putting birth and abortion care in one facility, the model has provoked interest elsewhere." According to Bader, "clinics in Kansas, Ohio, and Tennessee are exploring the feasibility of adding a birth center to their repertoire of services" (Bader, RH Reality Check, 9/25).

CONTRACEPTION: "Sen. Murray Introduces Legislation To Improve Emergency Contraception Education, Access," Emily Crockett, RH Reality Check: Crockett comments on Sen. Patty Murray's (D-Wash.) introduction of a bill (S 2876) that "would require any hospital that receives federal funding under Medicare or Medicaid ... to both inform sexual assault survivors who come to the emergency room about emergency contraception and to offer it to them regardless of their ability to pay." The bill would also "launch an education campaign on the drug and its uses" to be carried out through HHS, she adds. Crockett writes that Murray has introduced the same bill each year "for over a decade," adding that the senator would have to reintroduce the bill during the next legislative session if Congress does not consider it before the end of this year (Crockett, RH Reality Check, 9/24).

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~ "CVS Illegally Charged 11,000 Women Contraceptive Co-Pay," Crockett, RH Reality Check.

ABORTION-RIGHTS MOVEMENT: "Abortion Beyond 'Good' and 'Bad': Why It's So Important To Share Nuanced Stories," Katie McDonough, Salon: Sharing abortion stories "is an important and necessary thing," but because "[w]omen who speak out are still targeted for harassment and other threats," it can be difficult "to talk about the full range of experiences that people seeking abortion go through," McDonough writes. The Center for Reproductive Rights has launched a campaign "featuring women and men telling stories related to their own reproductive healthcare choices," she adds, noting that they "are important stories because they're real stories." McDonough also recounts a time she interviewed a woman who recorded her abortion to illustrate how such stories can "challenge stigma around the procedure and demystify the process for people who only think about abortion as an abstract political concept" (McDonough, Salon, 9/25).

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~ "Rush Limbaugh Inadvertently Donated To an Abortion Fund," Jenny Kutner, Salon.

SUPREME COURT: "Ruth Bader Ginsburg: '50 Years From Now, People Will Not Be Able To Understand Hobby Lobby,'" Kutner, Salon: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who "has already (artfully) made clear that she disagrees with the Hobby Lobby decision," is "convinced future generations will not only feel the same way, but that they won't even understand the Supreme Court's ruling in the first place," Kutner writes. In an interview with Elle, Ginsburg also stated that "'one of the reasons ... that there's not so much pro-choice activity'" today is because "'young women ... have grown up in a world where they know if they need an abortion, they can get it,'" Kutner notes. Kutner adds that "[w]hen asked if she believes that the court will swing further to the right over abortion rights, Ginsburg answered optimistically, adding that she thinks the court has 'gotten about as conservative as it will get'" (Kutner, Salon, 9/23).

FEMINISM: "We Need #YesAllWomen Now More Than Ever Before," Madeline Wahl, Huffington Post blogs: In the face of continued violence and harassment against women and "the inadequate way people are coping with the spreading popularity of feminism and idea of equality ... we need #YesAllWomen now more than ever before," Wahl writes, reflecting, in part, on reaction to a speech about feminism by actress Emma Watson before the United Nations. She urges women to use the Twitter hashtag "to continue raising awareness on what women have faced and continue to face ... to share our voices and stop the violence." Wahl continues, "We need to tell each other our experiences of sexual assault, of being catcalled, of body shaming and victim shaming and all other kinds of shaming that should not be tolerated. We have to tell each other that 'no means no' and any unwanted contact, even under the guise of a prank, is not appropriate and not allowed." She adds, "We have to tell the men and women in our lives that equality can be achieved, that peace is within our grasp, that we should actually be proud to be feminists" (Wahl, Huffington Post blogs, 9/24).

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~ "This Is Why I'm Not a Reluctant Feminist," Jean-Paul Bedard, Huffington Post blogs.