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Veto of 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill Should Stand, Mo. Gov. Urges

Veto of 72-Hour Mandatory Delay Bill Should Stand, Mo. Gov. Urges

September 5, 2014 — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Thursday urged state lawmakers not to override his vetoes of several bills -- including one that would increase the state's mandatory delay before an abortion to 72 hours -- when they return for a special session next week, the Missourian reports (Sitter, Missourian, 9/4).

Bill Background

Under the bill (HR 1307), survivors of rape and incest would not have been exempt from the mandatory delay. Women with medical emergencies are exempt under the state's current 24-hour mandatory delay and would have continued to be exempt under the new legislation.

The bill, passed by the House in May, also includes a provision that would have required the state to revert to the 24-hour delay if a court struck down the 72-hour delay.

When Nixon vetoed the bill in July, he criticized the state Legislature for failing to include an exception for cases of rape or incest, adding that the "extreme and disrespectful measure would unnecessarily prolong the suffering of rape and incest victims and jeopardize the health and wellbeing of women." However, he said he would have vetoed the bill even if it included an exception for rape and incest (Women's Health Policy Report, 7/7).

Veto Session Details

According to the Missourian, the veto session is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

Nixon reiterated Thursday that not "allow[ing] exceptions for rape and incest is extreme" (Missourian, 9/4).