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Ohio Orders Closure of Only Abortion Clinic in Toledo

Ohio Orders Closure of Only Abortion Clinic in Toledo

August 1, 2014 — An Ohio health official on Wednesday signed an adjudication order revoking the license of Toledo's last abortion clinic, effective Aug. 12, the Toledo Blade reports.

Ohio Department of Health Interim Director Lance Himes signed the order on a recommendation issued in June by a state hearing examiner. The examiner said the clinic, Capital Care Network, should be closed because it does not have a valid emergency transfer agreement with a nearby hospital, which is required by state law.

The clinic has 15 days after the notice is postmarked to appeal the order and ask a court to stay the order pending the appeal.

Clinic's Response

Clinic owner Terrie Hubbard said she would appeal the order and contact every nearby hospital to request an emergency transfer agreement. According to the Blade, Hubbard reached such an agreement with the University of Michigan, but the state rejected it. She has been unable to find another hospital that will sign an agreement with the clinic.

Hubbard's attorney, Jennifer Branch, said, "I'm not surprised by the ruling because the [state] Department of Health seems to be making decision[s] that are not based on medicine or health care but based on politics" (Toledo Blade, 7/30).