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Ariz. Health Department Dismisses Citation Against Planned Parenthood Center

Ariz. Health Department Dismisses Citation Against Planned Parenthood Center

July 18, 2014 — Arizona officials have dismissed a citation issued to a Phoenix-area Planned Parenthood clinic after the center implemented small changes to address issues found in a surprise inspection earlier this year, the AP/KJZZ reports.

The dismissal means that the search did not find any major problems at the clinic or result in any financial penalties, according to the AP/KJZZ.

The department also withdrew other parts of the "statement of deficiencies" after the clinic gave the state documents that were not readily available when inspectors visited the center in February. The unannounced search disrupted daily operations at the clinic, the AP/KJZZ reports.

Search Methods Questioned

Planned Parenthood officials criticized the use of a warrant and a surprise search, saying officials could have attained the same information through a scheduled inspection.

They also questioned whether there were political motives behind the inspection, given that it occurred days before the state Legislature was set to consider a bill (HB 2284) that would allow the state to search clinics without warrants (AP/KJZZ, 7/16). Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signed the bill into law in April (Women's Health Policy Report, 4/16).

Still, Planned Parenthood of Arizona Director of Public Policy Jodi Liggett said while the center was "literally surprised by the inspection," it "is happy to work" with state regulators. She added, "We are certainly confident in the care that we give."

Meanwhile, the state DHS said there was no political motivation behind the search (AP/KJZZ, 7/16).