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La. Gov. Jindal Signs Abortion Pamphlet, Anti-Trafficking Bills

La. Gov. Jindal Signs Abortion Pamphlet, Anti-Trafficking Bills

June 10, 2014 — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Monday signed into law a bill (HB 1262) that mandates certain counseling prior to an abortion, as well as various measures designed to stem human trafficking in the state, the Washington Times reports (Deslatte, AP/Washington Times, 6/9).

Specifically, the bill requires that women who are seeking an abortion be given a pamphlet on the potential impact of the procedure, human trafficking and the illegality of coerced abortions. The information would also list resources for women facing any of those situations.

Abortion providers must distribute the information at the start of the state's 24-hour mandatory delay before a woman can receive an abortion (Women's Health Policy Report, 5/30).

Human Trafficking Measures

Jindal also signed into law a bill (HB 1025) that will increase punishments for human trafficking and related crimes, bolster victim protections and mandate training for law enforcement to identify human trafficking offenders and survivors. According to the AP/Times, the state budget sets aside $250,000 for law enforcement training on the issue.

In addition, Jindal signed a bill (HB 569) that would allow courts to create subdivisions designed to specifically address human trafficking cases. Supporters say the measure will help judges connect survivors with support services instead of penalizing them for drug or prostitution crimes.

Jindal also signed a bill (HB 1105) that would require abortion clinics to post the phone number for the National Human Trafficking Resource center hotline (AP/Washington Times, 6/9).