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Coloradans Will Vote on 'Personhood' Measure for Third Time on Nov. 2014 Ballot

Coloradans Will Vote on 'Personhood' Measure for Third Time on Nov. 2014 Ballot

October 15, 2013 — Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced on Monday that a proposal to amend the state's constitution to redefine "personhood" will be on the November 2014 ballot, KWGN reports.

According to KWGN, Amendment 67 will ask voters whether the state's constitution should be amended to protect "pregnant women and unborn children by defining 'person' and 'child' in the Colorado criminal code and the Colorado wrongful death act to include unborn human beings."

Gessler's office determined a computer-generated sampling of 140,049 signatures submitted by the initiative's supporters contained an estimated 109,612 valid signatures, exceeding the 86,105 signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot.

Third Vote

The proposal marks the third time Coloradans will vote on a personhood measure.

In 2008, state voters rejected a measure that would have granted rights to fertilized eggs by 73% to 27%. The same proposal failed again by a three-to-one margin in 2010 (Stokols, KWGN, 10/14).

Abortion-rights opponents maintain that current law does not do enough to punish perpetrators of crimes against pregnant women.

Opponents of the proposal say it could restrict abortion rights and some infertility treatments (AP/Washington Post, 10/14). NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director Karen Middleton in a statement said, "The third time isn't a charm and this same small group of proponents, who don't represent the majority of Coloradans, needs to stop wasting our time and money" (KWGN, 10/14).