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Abortion-Rights Opponents Question Texas Senator's Former Investments

Abortion-Rights Opponents Question Texas Senator's Former Investments

September 23, 2013 — Some abortion-rights opponents are criticizing Texas Sen. Dan Patrick (R) -- who is running for lieutenant governor -- for previously owning stock in Teva Pharmaceuticals, which makes emergency contraceptives under the brand Plan B, the Texas Tribune reports.

Patrick is a longtime abortion-rights opponent who has made abortion a key issue in his race against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R). Although Plan B is a contraceptive and cannot cause abortions, many abortion-rights opponents believe it destroys human life, according to the Tribune.

In 2010, Patrick disclosed in his personal financial statement for 2009 that he and his wife owned the Teva stock. Patrick also mentioned during a Legislature debate this June on abortion restrictions that he previously owned the stock. Patrick noted that his broker made the decision to buy without his knowledge.

"I didn't personally buy it or know I ever owned it," he said, adding, "The partnership that owns the stock does not own the stock today and apparently hasn't owned it since 2011."

On Thursday, Patrick clarified that he has not owned shares in Teva since October 2011. He also noted that he lost about $4,000 on the investment.

Abortion Opponents Raise Questions

Despite the multiple statements, some Texas antiabortion activists said they were surprised that Patrick had owned the stock.

Carol Everett -- founder and CEO of the Heidi Group, which helps girls and women with unplanned pregnancies -- said she believes the issue will be "a huge blight" on his campaign. She asked, "Why in the world is Sen. Patrick supporting it in any way?"

Texans for Life President Kyleen Wright -- said she was "shocked" and "disappointed" to learn about the investment, "particularly given the fact that Sen. Patrick has been such a proponent of pro-life everything." She added, "I think it certainly contradicts the reputation he has put out there."

Both Wright and Everett have endorsed Dewhurst in the race for lieutenant governor (Root, Texas Tribune, 9/19).