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Video Round Up: 'After Tiller' Opens, 'Choice: Texas' Video Game Meets Crowdfunding Goal

Video Round Up: 'After Tiller' Opens, 'Choice: Texas' Video Game Meets Crowdfunding Goal

September 19, 2013 — Our video roundup includes a unique assortment of Web videos hand-picked by our editors. This week, we feature interviews with the women behind "After Tiller," a documentary on abortion providers, and "Choice: Texas, A Very Serious Game," an online video game about abortion access in Texas.


Nancy Redd of Huff Post Live interviews abortion provider Susan Robinson and filmmakers Lana Wilson and Martha Shane, co-directors of the documentary "After Tiller," which profiles Robinson and three other doctors who have continued to provide abortions late in pregnancy after the murder of their colleague George Tiller in 2009 (Redd, Huff Post Live, 9/19). The documentary, which opens in New York City on Friday, follows the doctors in their work and daily lives amid threats from antiabortion activists. The film features in-depth interviews with the doctors, as well as stories of several patients ("After Tiller" website, 9/18).


In a pitch on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, abortion-rights advocates met their fundraising goal for "Choice: Texas, A Very Serious Game," which will allow players to navigate abortion access in Texas as one of several characters. The web-based game is still under development but has been accepted for this month's Future and Reality of Gaming conference in Vienna, where the developers plan to present a prototype. After meeting their initial goal, the developers collected additional funding toward the development of lesson plans for high school and college teachers to use the game in the classroom (Indiegogo, 9/18). Austin, Texas, writer and poet Allyson Whipple, one of the game's creators, also spoke with Texas' KVUE about the fundraising campaign and how the game can educate the public about barriers to abortion access in Texas (Wiggins, KVUE, 9/4).