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Texas Sen. Davis Prepares To Announce Gubernatorial Campaign

Texas Sen. Davis Prepares To Announce Gubernatorial Campaign

September 19, 2013 — Texas Sen. Wendy Davis (D) on Wednesday sent an email to her supporters indicating that she will announce a gubernatorial bid on Oct. 3, the Washington Post's "Post Politics" reports (Eilperin, "Post Politics," Washington Post, 9/18).

Davis drew the national spotlight for her 11-hour filibuster that helped block a restrictive abortion bill from becoming law, although the measure (HB 2) later passed in another special session. The attention propelled her fundraising efforts and fueled speculation that she might run for governor next year (Women's Health Policy Report, 8/6).

Experts said Davis would need to raise about $40 million to run a competitive campaign in Texas, where Democrats have not won more than 42% of the vote for the past three statewide elections (Tomlinson, AP/Miami Herald, 9/17).

In her email, Davis wrote that she will be "answering the question" of what's next for her career on Oct. 3. In the meantime, she asked email recipients to share her message on social media sites ("Post Politics," Washington Post, 9/18).

A source familiar with the campaign said the email is intended to help Davis regain momentum she lost since stepping back from politics to care for her father, who died on Sept. 5 after complications from abdominal surgery (AP/Miami Herald, 9/17).