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Blogs Comment on Griswold Anniversary, Attacks on Reproductive Health, Other Topics

Blogs Comment on Griswold Anniversary, Attacks on Reproductive Health, Other Topics

June 8, 2012 — We've compiled some of the most thought-provoking commentaries from around the Web. Catch up on the conversation with bloggers from ACLU, Huffington Post and more.

GRISWOLD ANNIVERSARY: "Risking Women's Health in 50 Different Ways: Anti-Birth Control Advocates Turn to the States," Sandra Fluke, National Partnership for Women & Families' "From the Desk of ... ": "It is hard to believe we are having this conversation today, the 47th anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut," the Supreme Court case that struck down laws criminalizing birth control, Fluke writes in response to state laws, including a new Arizona law that allows any religious employer to deny contraception coverage to its employees. Other efforts to allow employers or providers to deny services in Kansas, Missouri and North Dakota "are not isolated incidents," Fluke notes, adding 13 states permit some health care providers to refuse to provide contraceptive services, while 18 allow providers to refuse to provide sterilization services (Fluke, "From the Desk of ... ," National Partnership for Women & Families, 6/7).

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~ "On the Anniversary of Griswold, the Facts About Contraception," Sarah Lipton-Lubet, ACLU's "Washington Markup."

~ "How the 'Mad Men' Method of Birth Control Ended," Lissy Moskowitz, NARAL Pro-Choice America's "Blog for Choice."

~ "Litigation Seeks To Turn Back the Clock on Contraception," Jessica Arons, ThinkProgress.

~ "Why are They Attacking Birth Control 50 Years Later?" Jacqueline M., Planned Parenthood Action Fund's "Women are Watching."

~ "The War on Contraception: It's Time to Take Sides," Cristina Page, Huffington Post blogs.

MILTARY ABORTION BAN: "Military Heroes Speak Out Against Military Ban on Abortion Coverage in New Ad Campaign," Alicia Gay, American Civil Liberties Union's "Blog of Rights": ACLU, retired military leaders and veterans have launched a new campaign called Stand With Servicewomen that targets the military's ban on covering abortion services for servicewomen who are victims of sexual violence, Gay writes. The ads -- which will air in Washington, D.C., throughout June -- are "designed to raise awareness of, and ultimately end, this unfair policy," she adds (Gay, "Blog of Rights," ACLU, 6/7).

ATTACKS ON REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: "Cyber Threats Yet Another Frontier in Anti-Choice Arsenal," Eleanor Bader, RH Reality Check: A new threat to the reproductive health has emerged in the form of "hacktivism," Bader writes, referencing a recent cyber attack on the British Pregnancy Advisory Service's website by an antiabortion-right activist. The hacker stole 10,000 medical records and defaced the group's homepage. She writes that the BPAS attack is a "wake-up call" to U.S. clinics, reminding them that "[c]yber threats are yet another frontier in the anti-abortion movement's anti-woman arsenal" (Bader, RH Reality Check, 6/6).

What others are saying about attacks on reproductive health:

~ "Susan B. Anthony List Doublespeak: Wanna End the War on Women? Take Away ALL Choices," Robin Marty, RH Reality Check.

VATICAN ATTACKS ON AMERICAN NUNS: "Hey Vatican: Lay Off My Sisters!" Sarah O'Leary, Huffington Post blogs: O'Leary references the Vatican's recent censure of a book by Sister Margaret Farley that discusses Christian sexual ethics. She criticizes the Vatican for taking "another swipe at a Sister" instead of "getting more pressing matters of its own house in order." Noting that many religious leaders and scholars have come to Farley's defense, O'Leary wants the Vatican to explain "why the Church thinks the Sister was off her nut, not simply that she was" (O'Leary, Huffington Post blogs, 6/5).

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~ "Sister Act," Debra Haffner, Huffington Post blogs.

~ "Fifty Shades of Catholicism," Sally Quinn, Washington Post's "On Faith."

~ "The Catholic Contraction," Tim Padgett, Time's "Ideas."

~ "Vatican's Term 'Radical Feminist' Says More About Cardinals Than Nuns They Rebuke," Lisa Miller, Washington Post's "On Faith."

MICHIGAN ANTIABORTION BILLS: "Michigan's Surprise Anti-Abortion Blitz," Carol King, Ms. Magazine blogs: A package of antiabortion bills passed by a Michigan House committee this week would "make safe, legal abortion virtually inaccessible to Michigan women," King writes. "Instead of dealing with the very real economic issues facing Michigan, elected officials have chosen instead to embrace the war on women," she adds (King, Ms. Magazine blogs, 6/7).

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~ "Michigan Advances the Chubby Hubby of Anti-Choice Bills," Chloe Angyal, Feministing.

~ "Michigan's War on Women Hits Dangerous New Low," Kary Moss, ACLU's "Blog of Rights."

~ "In Rushing Anti-Abortion 'Super-Bill' to House Floor, Committee Denies Women Opportunity to Testify," Angi Becker Stevens, RH Reality Check.

EMERGENCY CONTRACEPTION: "Emergency Contraceptives Prevent Fertilization - Is This News?" Rebekah Horowitz, National Women's Law Center's blog: Horowitz responds to media coverage of a New York Times investigation that found scientific studies do not support claims that emergency contraceptives could prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. She writes, "It is great that this issue is getting coverage but it is not new information!!" She adds, "For years, scientists and public health advocates have been pointing to the preponderance of scientific evidence, which shows no post-fertilization mechanism of action for emergency contraceptives" (Horowitz, NWLC blog, 6/7).

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~ "The Morning-After Pill Does not Cause Abortions," Azeen Ghorayshi, Mother Jones' "Political MoJo."

~ "Science Debunks Morning-After Pill's Abortion Myth," Kristina Chew, Ms. Magazine's blog.