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Videos Discuss Refusals To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions, Vatican's Rebuke of Nuns, War on Women, More


Videos Refusals To Fill Birth Control Prescriptions, Vatican's Rebuke of Nuns, War on Women, More

May 3, 2012 — The following summarizes select women's health-related videos.

Pharmacy refusals : A new video from the National Women's Law Center calls attention to one of many ongoing attacks on women's contraceptive access: refusals by pharmacists to fill women's birth control prescriptions because they personally oppose contraception. Women in at least 24 states report that pharmacists have denied them access to birth control, according to NWLC. The video coincides with a new petition and website -- -- urging reproductive rights supporters to tell lawmakers that their health is "not up for debate" (NWLC, 4/24).

'Radical Feminist' Nuns?: Sister Simone Campbell -- executive director of Network, a Catholic social justice organization -- discusses the Vatican's reprimand of American nuns for allegedly promoting "radical feminist themes" and not speaking out enough against abortion and same-sex marriage. Campbell notes that because nuns take a vow of chastity and do not marry, "the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage, they're not issues in my life. What are issues in my life are walking down the street seeing the homeless and engaging people who are hungry and trying to advocate for their needs" (Granholm, "The War Room," Current TV, 5/2).

War on women: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reports on congressional conservatives' efforts to fight charges that they are waging a "war on women," while also pushing a budget measure that would eliminate a health fund that, among other things, finances women's preventive health care. She also discusses resistance to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (Maddow, "The Rachel Maddow Show," MSNBC, 4/27). Meanwhile, on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart considers how the issue is shaping a debate over student loans and discretionary spending (Stewart, "The Daily Show," Comedy Central, 4/30).

Virginia abortion laws : Maddow reviews recent attacks on reproductive rights in the states and speaks with Virginia Del. Charniele Herring (D), chair of the Legislature's Reproductive Rights Caucus, about Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) position on abortion rights. After stating through his career that he opposes abortion in all cases except to save a woman's life, his spokesperson recently said the governor would allow exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Herring suggests that McDonnell is trying to move to a more moderate position after negative publicity over the mandatory ultrasound law he signed this year (Maddow, "The Rachel Maddow Show," MSNBC, 4/27).